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Life Member of the Scottish Rite Research Society, SJ.
Great Website!!! You share great introductory material on your organization. It is also noticed you have increased the members only section and no longer include the  addresses of your world wide Assemblages to the casual inquirer. In the the future, it may be a good idea to include relevant pictures displaying some of your important general events for public relation purposes as you have done in the past. And please donot forget to consider including any relevant news item which may affect the status of the Craft and it's Brethren world wide regardless of the Rank, Class or Status a Master Mason may hold in the Craft itself or in one of it's many appendant  organizations. Take Care and may the G.A.O.T.U. bless all the GOOD you do.

Jal Thanawala

W. Bro.

Greetings from Bombay, India.

I was surprised to see that India is not represented on the statistics bar of 'Visitors by Country'  on the left.  The site was well laid out, but I would have appreciated some more information about the organisation from a more Masonic point of view, may be on a password protected page if necessary.

This is indeed an interesting order, and being an operstive mason of sorts ( an architect by profession ), I am indeed interested to learn more about the order and the possibility of starting a region in India.  If I could get some guidance in that direction, I would indeed be greatful.

Fraternal Greetings,   Jal  

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Greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Very interesting site, has added much to the information I obtained from the Grand Clerk in Sri Lanka last month. I will keep in touch!


Reculver Towers Assemblage
Dear All,On the 12th of September 2007 I had the honour of being invited to become a founder member of the newest assemblage in the South Eastern Counties of the UK, and perhaps the world (at that time) namely Reculver Towers Assemblage.  We were likewise honoured by having the Rt W.Bro. Arthur Craddock VII; Rt.W.Bro. Peter Fotheringham VII; and Rt.W.Bro. William Summers VII as the three Constituting Officers. It was truly a memorable event, one I shall never forget, The 3 Grand Master Masons, assisted by Rt.W.Bro. Hubert Small VII DGMM/SPM for the South Eastern Counties together with the Officers of Grand Assemblage gave the petitioners and our guests a marvelous spectacle, a moving, instructive and enlightening ceremony, they certainly were a well rehearsed and confidently practiced team. I had to leave the proceedings promptly after the General Assembly was closed as I am the W.Commander of my RAM Lodge and were due to perform an elevation that evening, and  I did not have the opportunity of expressing my the gratitude and appreciation to the Consecration team. Reculver Towers Assemblage is to meet 3 times a year at the Masonic Hall, Whitstable, Kent, and our first meeting will be on Wednesday January the 2nd 2008. All Operative Masons are welcome! Any Freemason who is a Companion of the Holy Royal Arch Chapter, a Mark Master Mason who lives in the area of north east Kent and is interested in making a further advance in Masonic knowledge should look up and make use of our contact details in the back of the Kent Masonic Year Book and we would all be most pleased to meet him.Happy New Year! Paul C. Murton IV DMM’s D.

Stephen Francis Murie


A valuable and informative Web Site, especially to a new member.


Thankyou from Australia


death of a member
Brother Secretary:  My name is James W. Golladay Jr. and I am currently the District Deputy Grand Master for the Third Masonic District in Virginia.  I understand that Bro. William E. Copenhaver, is a member of the Operatives Lodge in Canada..  It is my sad duty to report that he passed away on December 6, 2006 in Winchester, VA from heart failure.  I would be glad to converse further, if it is your pleasure at the attached e-mail address.  Fraternally,  James W. Golladay Jr.

Bryan Humphries

III Saint Cuthbert Assemblage

The new build is certainly a massive improvement on its predecessor.

More visiting is required I'm sure.

I have been an Operative Mason for only 15 months, but I'm really enjoying it. 

Many congratulations on the better 'feel'.

Bryan Humphries, Steward. 

Victor Sereno

JW (des.) St.Cuthbert's Assemblage

An interesting `refreshmant' of the site.

I like the `contemporary' feel.

Well done.

Dr. Victor Sereno

St.Cuthbert's Assemblage

Sean Patrick McCabe

Grand Scribe

Well done Paul,

It is so refreshing to visit this newly "built" website and a credit to you for putting so much operative work into the society. Congratulations Brother.

Duncan Edgar McQueen


Well done Paul in providing a very interesting and informative web site!

I will have to dig out some photographs of the Bliss Mill Assemblage brethren at dinner - not a pretty sight - for inclusion in the Gallery!

I am too late to include formal information of our next Southern Counties Regional meeting, a V° Lodge at Loddon Bridge Assemblage next Thursday 30th August at 4pm, followed by a II° at 6pm. Any qualified brother who would like to attend, just turn up for 4pm. Address details p.65 of the Directory.

To answer Adrew Phillips enquiry. Andrew you should in the first instance visit the Grand Lodge website at to express your interest in Freemasonry. They should then put you in touch with the Provincial Office local to you.


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