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Pat Nolan

Northwards House Assemblage-South Africa

Thought I had better write something as recent content is slight to say the least. C'mon Chaps..........surely we have something more to say?

Pat Nolan VI 

Glenson Trevelyn Jones


Dear W.Bro. Humphries

I have just taken over the role of webmaster and will endeavour to  make it more interesting and more current. Although I am a retired electronic engineer, I am unfamiliar with the Joomla software package which runs the website so I am on a steep learning curve at the moment.

If you, or any other members, have any specific suggestions you can send them to me using the "Webmaster" link under the "Contact Us" heading.

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Derek Michael Hedges

Centenary Celebrations
It is pleasing to see that the Web Site is still active and being patronized.   I am looking forward to seeing some more information regarding the forthcoming Centenary Celebrations, with particular reference to the timing of the agenda.   Keep up the good work.

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Bryan Humphries

Bryan Humphries
I have been raised to VI° for only two weeks and must say how much I enjoyed the Grand Assemblage/Assembly meetings on 25th September. I am, however, rather disappointed at the rather antiquated content of the site, inasmuch there is rather little current content, apart from the news regarding the Centennial Celebrations. Maybe some more up to date information?

Ian Harold Scott

Regional SIW North Western Counties

I thought I had left an entry previously but can find no trace. Very informative and well ordered web site. The HQ looks well what a pity it is not big enough for the Grand Assemblage. Nice to seemembers from NW Counties are in the majority in leaving entries.

Paul Holland

Excellent website

Greeting from Brisbane, Australia. I'm a relatively new member of Bishopsbourne Assemblage and took my IV degree this weekend past. I run quite a number of websites in the Masonic Orders I belong to and must say this is one of the best 'head office' websites of any of those Orders. Well structured, a good clean visual design and very useful information.

Paul Holland, Bishopsbourne Assemblage, Brisbane, Australia

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James Jordan

Berry Head Quarry Assemblage
I have only just found this excellent site, but sadly have to report the very sad loss of Fra. John Boothroyd, I believe he was our first "initiate" in about 1982. He collapsed whilst boarding a flight back to his home in Spain after staying with friends and family in the Uk. His funeral will be on Friday 7th May @2.00pm Central Church Torquay. A great loss to his family and friends.

Sydney Lynton Brailey

Congratulations on the webb site Paul.  It looks very professional.  For my sins I am the Footing Corner Stone Fund representative for Berry Head Quarry and for Burnham Lighthouse.  We have a raffle at the Festive Board after every meeting, and the Brethren don't shout too loudly when I twist their arms, as it is for a good cause.  We are doing quite well.

Trevor John Robbins

Trevor Robbins

I am the current DMM of Roundhouse Assemblage and for my troubles l also copped the job of Regional Clerk AUS-W.  I don't think I have erred to badly as yet as Ian Munachen is still speaking fairly civilly - time will tell!
I think the website is great Paul and you are doing a great job setting it up and maintaining it. We will certainly be accessing items in the library from time to time.

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Mario Cabrera


I am Mario Cabrera, VI. I have interest to contact Operative Masons in England.


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