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Grand Assemblage Print

The Officers of Grand Assemblage


1st G.M.M. :     Rt W Bro N. Willows, VII°  
2nd G.M.M. :     Rt W Bro J J Field, VII°  
3rd G.M.M. :     Rt W Bro R J Bedford, VII°  
Grand Clerk :     Rt W Bro P Mycock, VII°  
Grand Registrar :     Rt W Bro J S Priestley, VII°  
Grand Treasurer :     Rt W Bro M B Squires, VII°  
                     Grand Librarian :         W Bro D G Young, VI°  
Grand Bursar :     Rt W Bro G E Bonham, VII°  
Dep Grand Clerk :     Rt W Bro C D Hellyer, VII°  
Asst Grand Clerk :         W Bro E D Brown, VI°  
Asst Grand Registrar  :         W Bro A M Lisboa, VI°  
Dep Grand Treasurer :         W Bro D Hopton, VI°  
Asst Grand Treasurer (Aus) :     Rt W Bro C S Wallace, VII°  
Asst Grand Treasurer (NZ) :     Rt W Bro Jim Heron, VII°  
Asst Grand Treasurer (USA) :     Rt W Bro A L Rowland, VII°  
Grand Jachin :     Rt W Bro B W Price, VII°  
Grand Boaz :     Rt W Bro W Beard, VII°   
GMM's SIWk :     Rt W Bro R S Ellis, VII°  
 GMM's Dep SIWk :         W Bro C H Bull, VI°  
      GMM's Asst SIWk :     Rt W Bro Wickes, VII°  
      GMM's Asst SIWk :     Rt W Bro H P J Wright, VII°  
                     Drama Director :     Rt W Bro R Bridger, VII°  
DMM Drama Assemblage :     Rt W Bro R G Fretten, VII°  
                        Drama Clerk :     Rt W Bro C D Hellyer, VII°  
Chairman Publications Committee :     Rt W Bro D C Kibble-Rees, VII°  
Chair Premises Committee :     Rt W Bro G E Bonham, VII°  
          F.C.S.Fund Administrator :     Rt W Bro. G H Round, VII°  
             Grand Outside Guard :         W Bro T Thomson, VI°  
Asst Grand Outside Guard  :         W Bro L J Millings, VI°  
Grand Organist  :         W Bro W B Warlow, VI°   
Webmaster :     Rt W Bro. G T Jones, VII°  
Dep Drama Director     W Bro J H Wickes, VI°